Your One Word Book Review

In this blog post, I’m going to share my thoughts on a book! This book has changed my life and is officially one of the most impactful books I have read. If you’ve been struggling in life as a teenager and trying to a simple direction in your life, your one word by Evan Carmichael is the book for you. 

Your One Word Book Review

It has an amazing 4.3 rating on Goodreads and has changed a nation. The Your one-word strategy has made Evan Carmichael one of the most sought after speakers and is a one of kind in his market. One day he said he was quitting the business he was building with a friend, the overwhelm was too much. 

I found out about this book in one of his youtube videos and finally got it on Christmas day. For readers that are not familiar with Evan Carmichael check out his Youtube Channel @ Evan Carmichael! 

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After a night’s reflection, he decided to take his decision back and Since then he has sold the business and started his own online business, directed by his one word, #Believe that has become a movement. 

A movement I am proud to be part of and As a 16-year old entrepreneur trying to break out from the handcuffs of a stuffed marketing of self-development, books like this give me actual hope & strategies on making it to where I want to be. If you don’t know much about Evan here’s a short bio from Wikipedia. 

“At age 19, Evan Carmichael founded a biotech software company, which he later sold. After selling the company, he worked as a venture capitalist. Carmichael is the founder of Evan Carmichael Communications Group, which specializes in coaching and social media strategy for entrepreneurs.”

This book is predicated on the concept of finding YOUR 1 word. The 1 word that summarizes who you are.

You see most entrepreneurs have the blood for it at a very young age and so did Evan. It’s why I was so excited unwrapping this book on Christmas and reading it from beginning to end taking notes and notes. 

Enough about Evan Carmichael Himself, let’s take a look at the amazing book he wrote and my key takeaways on it. 

How To Find Your 1 Word

Step #1 Answer Some Questions

I would like to tell you how I found my one word and how you can find your one word. Using Evan’s strategy of sleeping on your various one-word ideas, I slept on my “big decision”. 

You see this one word really does define everything you do in life. Once you know that 1 keyword that defines who you are. You will have much greater direction & purpose in your life. Each decision will be guided by your one word. 

My one word is: #Driven it’s much more than simply being and having a drive. 

You must ask yourself the following questions to find your one word.

  1. What is your favorite movie? Why? 
  2. What is your favorite book?
  3. Who was your favorite teacher? 
  4. What is your favorite quote that you live by?
  5. Who is your best friend?
  6. What do you love most about your parents? 
  7. When was the last time you we’re VERY happy? Why? 

Step #2 Find A Common Theme

Once you’ve finished finding your one word, you must move on to step #2 which is finding what connects them all. Each of your responses if you dig deep will have a connect to each other. What specifically do you like about each answer, what quality comes out of each one of them? 

What specifically do you like about each answer, what quality comes out of each one of them? Dig deep inside yourself and find the connection between all of your answers. 

Step #3 What trait do you hate?

If you still haven’t found your one word, like I still hadn’t look for the opposite. What is the one quality that you hate the absolute most in people? What makes you most sad & angry? Try to look at the opposite of the word you hate the most. 

For example, you might REALLY hate people who bully so your 1 word may be: #Acceptance. 

Step #4 What’s your constant?

To keep helping you find your 1 word and verify it. Step #4 What’s your constant will help a lot. Your 1 word is a constant. It doesn’t go away, it’s always in your actions and genes no matter what. As Evan says it, “Your one word is not a new year’s resolution.” 

It’s always there and will always continue to be there.

Step #5 Are you like your parents?

This is not true for all people. Using your parents as a tool to find your 1 word is a very good way of finding it. Maybe you hated your father or had a horrible relationship and you don’t want to be with him. Why? What quality or trait within him made you want to stay away? 

Try & find the opposite of that! The same goes for mothers, if you had a bad relationship with your mother. Why? What trait did you not like about her? Again try and find the opposite of that trait you didn’t like. 

Now parents for most of us, are a positive influence on us. Atleast for me. I’ve been blessed with a great mother and father my whole life. I know that my word comes from my father. 

If your mother/father was a very #kind person maybe your one word is #kind. 

Examples of your 1 word

  • Determined 
  • Focused 
  • Direction 
  • Empower
  • Growth
  • Ignite
  • Family
  • Extraordinary
  • Present
  • Freedom 
  • Listener
  • Reflection
  • Unstoppable 

Step #6 Is It Really Who You Are?

It’s not something you hope or want to become, it’s already there whether ou know it or not. For this to really work, you must be honest with yourself. It was at this point in the book that I felt “punched” in the face because i’d been lying to myself on what my 1 word was. 

The 1 word I was currently envisioning was a lie and something I “wanted” to become. Finding and living your 1 word will lead to you to happiness and possibly starting a movement like Evan with #Believe. 

For More Information

If you want more information on how to find your one word and creating a movement and business you love out of it, click the link below for more information! 

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Your One Word Book Review
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