How To Have Energy On Demand | 10 Practical Ways To Boost Your Energy

Would you like to know how to have energy on demand? Having energy on demand is probably one of the greatest gifts you can have. It is hard and takes time but it can be done: How To Have Energy On Demand.

How To Have Energy On Demand | Your 10 Practical Ways To More Energy On Demand!

I am a high energy person. But I haven’t always been that way, though. There have been times before my celiac diagnosis that I was low on energy frequently. Here are my 10 super practical ways to create energy on demand in your life.

Before my celiac diagnosis, I was constantly exhausted. It had an effect on my focus & grades. I was consistently in trouble, feeling tired and low productivity.

Generally, I also felt like I had low self-esteem because of my lack of energy. There were time’s in grade school, where getting through the day was a goal in itself.

Times when by the time I got home, I was so tired I couldn’t give any attention to family and my attitude of being tired had its effect on home relationships.

Since my diagnosis in 2011, I cut down on the foods I could no longer eat and slowly but surely my daily energy went up. Only in Recent years have I created more energy within my daily life so I can create magic moments in the early moments of the day and the later part of the day.

I had to try a lot of things, breaking old bad habits and adapting to a new diet we’re all part of the change. Now I don’t recommend you stop your current diet, consult on that but make it a consideration. 

Here are 10 practical ways on How To Have Energy On Demand.

1.Use Incantations

Incantation is a concept created by Tony Robbins. You may know of the concept of, Affirmations. Basically, Incantations are empowering beliefs you tell yourself each day that become your reality. This is where I start each day, I “talk” to myself.

If you have a disempowering belief such as, I am too young to do anything great. An empowering belief could simply be, I am the perfect age to do something great! Use that as your starting point of incantations.

Make a list of at least 20 personally created incantations as well as 10 quotes you find inspiring.

Start the day saying these to yourself and pumping your fist while doing this. Do it with emotion & joy to really feel the power of your incantations. I personally love doing this during my run because I already feel great from being in motion.

2. Watch Your Mouth

This is very much similar to the previous point. A lot of the time we feel tired because of what we say to ourselves. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For example: If you’re coming home from school and you’re really tired. All of a sudden you just say it out loud, “Oh gosh I’m so tired.” You might think this doesn’t make it worse but it does. Research has been proving that what you say to yourself out loud has a direct response to how your body is going to act.

3. Detox The Bad People From Your Life

One of the greatest reliefs of my life in terms of feeling more energetic has been getting rid of the bad friends in my life. I mean we all have friends that depleted our energy and are constantly complaining right? Well, it’s actually one of the biggest reasons we are so energy depleted.

I remember the time when I was so tired just because of bad peer pressure and negative thinkers around. I made a decision to kick them out my life. It felt great the next day because I felt free of others and I focus on my projects without negative naysayers in my life.

4. Take Cold Showers

Taking cold showers has become one of my biggest game changes in my energy levels lately. To counteract the after school drop I take an extremely cold shower, you might hate the process of doing it but it actually does a lot for your body.

  1. It Increases Your Alertness
  2. A Quick Jump of energy for your homework
  3. Refines your hair & skin
  4. Eases stress
  5. It also speeds of muscle recovery after deep training

I recommend you do a 2-2-2 time length for your cold shower. You How To Have Energy On Demand isn’t all about small little tactics. It’s real practical ways and you need to use them if you’re committed to having more energy on demand.

Okay back to my time length, you jump in and for the first 2 minutes, it’s on the coldest possible. The second 2 minutes you put at the half way point to bring back your body to room temp and then smacking it back to extreme cold for the last 2 minutes.

5. Drink More Water

How much water? Something I learned from Michael Hyatt is that you should drink half your body weight in ounces per day. After doing my personal calculations at around 95pds I have to drink 1.5 liters of water per day.

What’s yours?

I find water to be a great refuel of energy. I mean we can’t always take the 10-minute pit stops every hour, that’s why a 15-second water swig pitstop always does the job for me, whether it’s staying focused in class or finishing up homework, this works for How To Create Energy On Demand, literally.

6. Eat High Energy Foods

I am a big victim of respecting this way of how to create energy on demand. I am going, to be honest here, in the past 2 days I’ve eaten a full bag of chips, 2 bags of m&m’s, and some cake here and there. For some, that may not be a lot but for a high performer like me, it’s really bad!

So the things you might consider avoiding here is, high glucose & carbohydrate foods. Those are foods like bad deserts and grains such as pasta & toast. I do love my toast so I find the right supplements to balance it out.

The reason most people get fat is because those high carb foods (rice, pasta, toast, etc) that don’t get burned are stored as fat.

Need a quick energy supplier? Carry A protein bar with you during the day if you really want some “energy on demand”

In the morning I’m usually a smoothie guy with protein powder, I recommend that for you too!

7. Exercise Regularly

In our day & age sitting down has become a bad norm for us. The old saying was that smoking kills you but now it’s: ” Sitting is the new smoking”

Science has proven that every hour you’re sitting, it cuts 2 hours from your life. Our bodies were created to move all the time. Back in the days before industrialization was here, that’s what humans did all day, MOVE.

It’s no reason why people with the most energy are those who are moving and exercising consistently. Instead of sitting down when I wake I go out for a morning run and immediately I’ve tapped into my How to have energy on demand reservoir.

8. Get Better Sleep

Most people I know of, don’t get near any enough rest that they need. Look everyone is different but most teenagers need an average of 9.25 hours to function at 100%. No wonder only 5% of the population become examples while the others go to bed really late and wake really early and don’t have a good ritual to begin with.

Most of my friends try to get by with 6 to 7 hours! Imagine that you need 9.25 hours and they’re  getting 6!

3 Things For A Better Sleep

  1. No Electronics After 8
  2. No Eating After 8
  3. Read a good novel before going to bed

9. Become An Avid Napper

Napping is probably a lifesaver for moms like mine. Before taking a nap you can sense some tiredness but after the nap, she is a revitalized being ready to take on the evening and supper responsibilities.

Here are a few rules on napping

  1. Napping must occur between 11:00 am to 4:30 pm
  2. It cannot last longer than 15 minutes
  3. Your room must be pitch dark to rest in

10. Listen To Empowering Music

Sometimes you just need your mood lifted. Play a few songs with a good tone, and it will get you pumped & moving. Music really is one of that energy on demand suppliers. I recommend you open a playlist on Youtube or Spotify of songs that make you feel pumped.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and now know how to have more energy on demand! Please rate this blog post and feel free to answer the question below.

Question: What has been your biggest setback in your life that has depleted the most energy from you?

How To Have Energy On Demand | 10 Practical Ways To Boost Your Energy
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