Are You Lazy? Here Are 4 Ways On How To Beat Procrastination

As Students we all do it. We putt off that dreaded English project to the last minute. We put it off 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days until it’s the day before due date. The worst part is we aren’t even enjoying the time we’re doing nothing! I know some friends that have woken up at 3 AM drank a full cup of coffee and completed their assignment at the last minute possible. We spend so much time stressing over big tasks that we don’t even do them. Here are 4 ways on how to defeat & beat procrastination!

Are You Lazy? Here Are 4 Ways On How To Beat Procrastination

Why do we procrastinate? I mean seriously ask you that question! The real problem lies in the belief part of it. Most students believe it’s impossible to break the negative procrastination habit we all have had. 

A lot of people vigorously search in google: How To Beat Procrastination. They go from text to video on an endless search. In this post I will give you some proven ways on how to beat procrastination. 

According to some research, procrastination has more than quadrupled in the last 30 years. Now, why does this happen? This is happening because as humans we are evolving and creating new things every year. 

Now you may ask: what do you by what you’re saying? I’m saying that technology is taking more over our lives and we are becoming so addicted to it that we forget about the real tasks. 

I remember listening to her story about waking up at 3 in the morning just to finish an English assignment she had left to the last minute. She had procrastinated on the project for over a week and she was woken up in the middle of the night realizing it wasn’t done. 

She had procrastinated on the project for over a week and she was woken up in the middle of the night realizing it wasn’t done. 

Being so tired she gulped down a glass of coffee as she started the assignment and trekked into the final hours of the nights, trying to finish her assignment on time so there were no traces of her in the night awakening. 

In the end, she finished the tasks and went to bed before her mother woke up. Now most of us panic and hate doing this in the middle of the night right? We’ll I’m going to share with you 4 ways to beat procrastination in the face so you don’t have to wake up so early! 

How To Beat Procrastination Way #1 Take A Cold Shower.

For over 4 months now I’ve been an advocate of cold showers. I love cold showers! Taking cold showers are a complete reboot of your system and vitals as well as energy levels. For me, I feel much more ready to tackle a task once I’ve taken a cold shower. 

To convince you to start taking cold showers when in a procrastinating mood here are 6 benefits of taking cold showers. 

  1. Taking cold showers burns fat 
  2. Cold showers boost recovery after exercise 
  3. Cold showers resets your mood & attitude 
  4. It strengthens immunity and circulation
  5. Increases attractiveness of hair & skin 
  6. Makes you more productive & focus because of reset on alertness

How To Beat Procrastination Way #2 Recognize Why Your Procrastination.

 Eighty-six percent of high school students said they procrastinate on assignments. In college, that number goes up slightly to 88 percent. College males are the worst procrastinators – a whopping 92 percent of them said they procrastinate on school assignments!


Before beating procrastination you must know why your procrastinating. Below you’ll find 3 possible reasons your procrastinating. It’s not all of them but it’s some of them.

  1. Environment: You are surrounded by too many people who are distracting you. Get somewhere where you’re not distracted and you can fully focus.
  2. Social Media: you are always on facebook and streaming through your feed and finding reasons not to do something. 
  3. Technology: You always have your phone on you and it’s pinging constantly, distracting you from doing what your supposed. 

Ask Yourself. What Is The Reason I Am Not Completing My Tasks? Social media, entertainment, my environment, technology, what is it? Once you identify than you can kill the root of your procrastination. 

How To Beat Procrastination Way #3 Take Morning Runs

I think a lot of successful people will agree on this because what you do I the morning will truly set you up for your mood and willpower to achieve the big tasks of the day. The benefit of this will be felt in the levels of energy you have throughout the day. 

It’s also very important you do this in the morning, early! Below you’ll find how to become runner.

  1. Go to bed early (set an alarm clock for your bedtime) 
  2. Sleep in your fresh running clothes
  3. Put your alarm clock far away from your bed 
  4. Have your shoes by the bed when you wake up

How To Beat Procrastination Way #4 Put In Anti-Procrastination System

This tactic leads back to way #2 on how to beat procrastination. Recognizing why your procrastinating, finding that reason and beating it. 

Beating is where you put in an anti-procrastination system for that bad habit or reason why you procrastinate. This anti-procrastination system is very similar to Michal Hyatt’s Activate Triggers, System. 

Basically, you put in a system that is made to beat your problem. For example, if you’re procrastinating on going to run early in the morning, an activation trigger for that could be to put your shoes beside the bed and to sleep in your running shorts. 

Another example could be that you’re procrastinating on getting a 10-question math assignment complete. An anti-procrastination system could be to shut off your phone, close the door and put on some noise cancelling earphones. 

The purpose behind an anti-procrastination system is to get rid of the reason you’re procrastinating like that using the other techniques you can be sure to complete the big tasks. 


Start taking action and kick procrastination in the face! Feel free to share this blog post for others to benefit from it and answer the question below! 

Question: What is the reason you recognized that you’ve been procrastinating because of?

See my answer below! Bye Bye! See you next time and have a great day!


Are You Lazy? Here Are 4 Ways On How To Beat Procrastination
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