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Remember, Ultimately we are in control of our life. We are the master of our fates. You are the one motivating yourself. You are in control of your life! Other people can keep you motivated but ultimately it’s YOU that decides your destiny. 


“I am the master of my fate, that line has stuck with me for years ever since I heard it. I also decided to stuck it to my mirror and recited it every morning. That is why I am here today.”

  • Oprah Winfrey

Those words from Oprah also resonated with me. I hate to see other people lose control of their life in all areas each and every day. If only they knew that we are the masters of their fate. 

Their also very important words to the soul of a teenager. You see the teenage years are the biggest years of our life. We find out identity and we start to get an idea of where we want to go. Amidst everything else, some of us lose control of our life. 

When I would get bullied at school for years, eventually I gave up and resigned to it. When I couldn’t score a goal for 10 games on end and others would laugh & criticize me I caved into it and left the sport, for good. 

You see my entire youth life I was bullied by other people and I let it get to me. It eventually led to me being suicidal and threatening my life. It was a terrifying but I had to realize it. 

Your areas where you’ve lost control will be & might be different from my areas. But what’s the same is I didn’t take personal responsibility and ownership. To take control of your life you must be responsible. 

If you’re ready to reverse this loss of control in your life, here is my 5 step process for gaining control of your life, once and for all! 

Step #1 Put Closure To The Past

The failure or loss of a significant part of your life whether it’s a relationship, job or really bad test is the reason most of us don’t move forward.

Before you ever gain back control of your life, you to put closure to the past. The past is often times what’s pulling you down from real progress in life. 

Whatever is haunting you from your past, you must let it go to move in towards the future. Stop letting reality keep you from moving forward.

Your current reality is a reflection of your past, let the dreams you once had to take over once again. 

Closure: means letting go of what once was. It means you accept the past but no longer let it keep you from moving forward towards the dreams you once had. 

So how we let go of the past? 

  1. Take Responsibility: Whether you want to admit it or not, your current circumstance is a reflection of your choices and how you perceived them. So it’s your responsibility to take charge.  
  2. Tackle the fear/past head on (in whatever way you must): Your past may be 10x darker than mine or 10x smaller than mine, but you must grieve the past and learn to move on, so tackle it. 
  3. Write down 3 lessons the past has taught you: I’ve learned to know that the past is a teacher, we can learn from it and grow from it, so what can you learn from it? 

Step #2 Install 3 New Empowering Beliefs

A Negative household or the past can often breed negative thoughts & ingrain negative beliefs to our brain.

You might believe that because you’re young you can’t achieve anything big or that because you poor you can’t be wealthy. 

These are all fake beliefs that your environment has taught you since birth. I’ve been grateful to have been raised by a family with empowering beliefs but I know that’s a rarity.

The world has sold you this bill of goods and these fake beliefs that are only keeping you down from moving forward. 

Try this exercise to kill those disempowering beliefs.

  1. Note down 3 disempowering beliefs that you currently believe to be true but are keeping you from success.
  2. Write down the opposite of those 3 disempowering beliefs so you turn them into empowering beliefs.
  3. Repeat that 3 new EMPOWERING beliefs every morning 3 times each out loud with passion & energy. 

Create more empowering beliefs as time goes on and you’ll cultivate an even stronger mindset. 

Step #3 Draft A New List Motivating SMARTER Goals

This is where it truly get’s exciting. You’ve let go of the past and are finally cultivating a new mindset with your 3 empowering beliefs. Now I would recommend you get a blank sheet of paper and write NEW ME GOALS at the top of the sheet. 

Now I would recommend you get a blank sheet of paper and write NEW ME GOALS at the top of the sheet.

Once you’ve done that I want you to start dreaming and envision the perfect future for yourself. What does that look like? 

Write down any goals or dreams you have onto the sheet. Once you’ve come with 20 goals ranging from a 1 year to 20 years from now, turn them into the SMARTER format. The SMARTER goal setting framework is explained below.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Actionable 
  • Risky
  • Timeline
  • Exciting 
  • Relevant

Here is an example from one of my 1-year goals of 2017. 

Wake up each day with total joy and happiness and complete the 30-day morning ritual challenge and in doing so completing the Morning Ritual Mastery course by March 10th, 2017!

Step #4 Find Your Why

Why are you so committed to achieving these goals? 

You see a lot of people give up on their goals when the going get’s tough. But one way to quit proof your goals is to identify your key motivations for those goals. Identify 3 reasons you’re motivated to achieve each one of those 20 short term & long term goals. 

Here is mine for my morning ritual goal.

  • To have a better attitude throughout the day
  • So I have more energy to achieve more
  • To become more disciplined and develop a long term habit

Now in the video I also spotted out that you should find you why for life. What is your purpose? What do you want to do for your life, what’s something that you have so much passion for you would do it forever? 

Ponder these questions and take the time to answer it. 


Thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one. Have A Great day! Feel free to answer the question below to show your appreciation for this post!

Question: What is your biggest motivation to change your life? 

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How To Gain Control Of Your Life | Super Student Program
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