Your One Word Book Review

In this blog post, I’m going to share my thoughts on a book! This book has changed my life and is officially one of the most impactful books I have read. If you’ve been struggling in life as a teenager and trying to a simple direction in your life, your one word by Evan Carmichael is the book for you. 

Your One Word Book Review

It has an amazing 4.3 rating on Goodreads and has changed a nation. The Your one-word strategy has made Evan Carmichael one of the most sought after speakers and is a one of kind in his market. One day he said he was quitting the business he was building with a friend, the overwhelm was too much. 

I found out about this book in one of his youtube videos and finally got it on Christmas day. For readers that are not familiar with Evan Carmichael check out his Youtube Channel @ Evan Carmichael! 

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After a night’s reflection, he decided to take his decision back and Since then he has sold the business and started his own online business, directed by his one word, #Believe that has become a movement. 

A movement I am proud to be part of and As a 16-year old entrepreneur trying to break out from the handcuffs of a stuffed marketing of self-development, books like this give me actual hope & strategies on making it to where I want to be. If you don’t know much about Evan here’s a short bio from Wikipedia. 

“At age 19, Evan Carmichael founded a biotech software company, which he later sold. After selling the company, he worked as a venture capitalist. Carmichael is the founder of Evan Carmichael Communications Group, which specializes in coaching and social media strategy for entrepreneurs.”

This book is predicated on the concept of finding YOUR 1 word. The 1 word that summarizes who you are.

You see most entrepreneurs have the blood for it at a very young age and so did Evan. It’s why I was so excited unwrapping this book on Christmas and reading it from beginning to end taking notes and notes. 

Enough about Evan Carmichael Himself, let’s take a look at the amazing book he wrote and my key takeaways on it.  Continue reading

1 Are You Lazy? Here Are 4 Ways On How To Beat Procrastination

As Students we all do it. We putt off that dreaded English project to the last minute. We put it off 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days until it’s the day before due date. The worst part is we aren’t even enjoying the time we’re doing nothing! I know some friends that have woken up at 3 AM drank a full cup of coffee and completed their assignment at the last minute possible. We spend so much time stressing over big tasks that we don’t even do them. Here are 4 ways on how to defeat & beat procrastination!

Are You Lazy? Here Are 4 Ways On How To Beat Procrastination

Why do we procrastinate? I mean seriously ask you that question! The real problem lies in the belief part of it. Most students believe it’s impossible to break the negative procrastination habit we all have had. 

A lot of people vigorously search in google: How To Beat Procrastination. They go from text to video on an endless search. In this post I will give you some proven ways on how to beat procrastination. 

According to some research, procrastination has more than quadrupled in the last 30 years. Now, why does this happen? This is happening because as humans we are evolving and creating new things every year. 

Now you may ask: what do you by what you’re saying? I’m saying that technology is taking more over our lives and we are becoming so addicted to it that we forget about the real tasks. 

I remember listening to her story about waking up at 3 in the morning just to finish an English assignment she had left to the last minute. She had procrastinated on the project for over a week and she was woken up in the middle of the night realizing it wasn’t done. 

She had procrastinated on the project for over a week and she was woken up in the middle of the night realizing it wasn’t done. 

Being so tired she gulped down a glass of coffee as she started the assignment and trekked into the final hours of the nights, trying to finish her assignment on time so there were no traces of her in the night awakening. 

In the end, she finished the tasks and went to bed before her mother woke up. Now most of us panic and hate doing this in the middle of the night right? We’ll I’m going to share with you 4 ways to beat procrastination in the face so you don’t have to wake up so early!  Continue reading

1 How To Gain Control Of Your Life | Super Student Program

Remember, Ultimately we are in control of our life. We are the master of our fates. You are the one motivating yourself. You are in control of your life! Other people can keep you motivated but ultimately it’s YOU that decides your destiny. 


“I am the master of my fate, that line has stuck with me for years ever since I heard it. I also decided to stuck it to my mirror and recited it every morning. That is why I am here today.”

  • Oprah Winfrey

Those words from Oprah also resonated with me. I hate to see other people lose control of their life in all areas each and every day. If only they knew that we are the masters of their fate. 

Their also very important words to the soul of a teenager. You see the teenage years are the biggest years of our life. We find out identity and we start to get an idea of where we want to go. Amidst everything else, some of us lose control of our life. 

When I would get bullied at school for years, eventually I gave up and resigned to it. When I couldn’t score a goal for 10 games on end and others would laugh & criticize me I caved into it and left the sport, for good. 

You see my entire youth life I was bullied by other people and I let it get to me. It eventually led to me being suicidal and threatening my life. It was a terrifying but I had to realize it. 

Your areas where you’ve lost control will be & might be different from my areas. But what’s the same is I didn’t take personal responsibility and ownership. To take control of your life you must be responsible. 

If you’re ready to reverse this loss of control in your life, here is my 5 step process for gaining control of your life, once and for all!  Continue reading

1 How To Develop More Confidence | Strategies From Super Students

Whenever I speak with other students about their greatest struggles and problems, the answer I hear more than any other is confidence! It’s a universal problem for all youngsters! In this post, I will give you 5 proven strategies to gain more confidence. 












Earlier in my life, I would hide the fact I had low confidence. I would also hide the fact I had low & crippling social anxiety. Although on the outside I boosted fake confidence, in the inside I lacked it, BIG TIME.

Just stepping in front of the class, I would start sweating like crazy and people would notice it, a lot. I hated the comments I got after the presentation, “Alex damn I couldn’t understand a thing you were saying, you spoke so fast.”

I would fakely ignore that as much as I could. In the first few years of high school, I didn’t confront my fears and drove my life deeper into the ground. It wasn’t until I talked to my father one cold winter night that I confronted it. I decided I had, had enough of feeling alone & unconfident.

It wasn’t until I talked to my father one cold winter night that I confronted it. I decided I had, had enough of feeling alone & unconfident.

After opening up, I decided that I would face my fears head on and never look back. Within a matter of weeks, I saw a lasting change from the coaching of my father and my success coach, Daniel.

I met a group of friends that taught me the 5 key confidence tactics. It is my goal to teach them to you in this post.

If you apply these tactics you will see lasting change in your levels of social & internal confidence. Continue reading

6 Myths About Getting A+ Grades & Student Success

A lot of students have bad ideas or beliefs about getting good grades. In truth, it’s not just their fault either. A lot of our influences & environment has an effect on the beliefs we have around certain topics as students. 













I remember the time when a teacher told me that I needed to do this & that If I wanted to succeed. You also have to stop making excuses if you want to get better grades. Not a single student I know that has consistent 90’s (my vision) is currently making excuses about how they can’t get better grades. 

I will also talk about some student success myths that don’t necessarily speak to getting better grades but developing discipline & mindset.

This post will benefit you and convince you that good grades really are possible. Myths are meant to be busted, therefore, I will bust each of these 10 myths you currently believe to be true. Once I’ve busted these myths I want you to start studying and never look back. 

It will also show you the reality of what it’s going to take and confront your current beliefs and excuses, so get ready! Continue reading

How To Have Energy On Demand | 10 Practical Ways To Boost Your Energy

Would you like to know how to have energy on demand? Having energy on demand is probably one of the greatest gifts you can have. It is hard and takes time but it can be done: How To Have Energy On Demand.

How To Have Energy On Demand | Your 10 Practical Ways To More Energy On Demand!

I am a high energy person. But I haven’t always been that way, though. There have been times before my celiac diagnosis that I was low on energy frequently. Here are my 10 super practical ways to create energy on demand in your life.

Before my celiac diagnosis, I was constantly exhausted. It had an effect on my focus & grades. I was consistently in trouble, feeling tired and low productivity.

Generally, I also felt like I had low self-esteem because of my lack of energy. There were time’s in grade school, where getting through the day was a goal in itself.

Times when by the time I got home, I was so tired I couldn’t give any attention to family and my attitude of being tired had its effect on home relationships.

Since my diagnosis in 2011, I cut down on the foods I could no longer eat and slowly but surely my daily energy went up. Only in Recent years have I created more energy within my daily life so I can create magic moments in the early moments of the day and the later part of the day.

I had to try a lot of things, breaking old bad habits and adapting to a new diet we’re all part of the change. Now I don’t recommend you stop your current diet, consult on that but make it a consideration.  Continue reading

How To Start Journaling For Teenagers | A Teenagers Guide To Journaling

Life is the greatest teacher of all. But you have to pay close attention and take your personal notes to succeed. I like to make the analogy the good note takers succeed more. Now it not only applies to school but also to life. In This Post, How To Start Journaling For Teenagers, I will share with you, my step-by-step guide to journaling for teenagers. 








How To Start Journaling For Teenagers

Journaling has helped me clarify years of thinking in just a few pages. Journaling has helped me process my feelings, make better decisions, and kill stress. Now if you want to do achieve all those 3 things, master emotions, make better decisions and better be able to kill your stress, this is the way to do it. 

In the past, I really wanted to journal but I had some limiting beliefs like most students do.

  1. People will bully me because they think it’s a diary (It Is Not) 
  2. You need an expensive pen & journal to start journaling. 

Now both of those limiting beliefs we’re wrong. To combat the first one, I realized that journaling was used for goal setting and by some of the world’s most successful people. To combat the second one, I had a hard reality slap in the face, you don’t need an expensive journal at all. 

I started with a cheap Hilary notebook you can get for as little as $3. I saw amazing benefits in my life within weeks. In the journal, I would talk about my emotions, my goals, and my aspirations for life. 

Consistency was also another problem teenagers will face when starting the journal. Thankfully journaling can become a habit. Before jumping into this guide I recommend you start journaling 10 minutes per night using the tips I will share in this post.  Continue reading

1 January Monthly Goals Reports | Super Student Program

This is my very first monthly goals report. I was inspired by Stefan James to do this! In this monthly goals report, I will review each one of my goals. I have done some updates to my goals so there are a few changes. Without further due, let’s get into it!

So before getting into it, I want to state my intention of doing this every month of the year for the rest of the year of 2017.

In this detailed report, I will share with you an overview of each of my goals, monthly and any new goals being added or cut throughout the year. Earlier in January I publicly declared my goals for 2017 in a post on this blog.

Starting the process of sharing my monthly progress, I hope you set your own goals and start taking action.  I hope to motivate you to start something of your own and become passionate about your future.

I just created a new program that’s all about goal setting, motivation, and creating a stronger mindset. In this program, I teach you how to get better grades through increasing your confidence, motivation, and setting goals.

Go To only if your committed

By starting this process I will also develop more accountability.

  1. Developing more accountability will force to find more ways to make sure I achieve each and every one of my goals.  By doing a monthly goals report I will have my back against the wall by showing you down to earth, the honest update on where I am and where I should be with my goals. 

Continue reading

5 Steps To Greater Happiness In Your Life | Super Student Program

A couple years ago, I was being rejected from friends and sometimes close family members. I wondered and cried for hours, why? I didn’t understand why they would reject me and it wasn’t until I realized something that everything changed. 














Getting rejected was having its internal effects on me but at the same time making me lose friends and close one’s patience. Don’t you remember the time when you had an annoying friend who would complain? 

It was annoying just as they were but often time’s you felt like ditching them right there. That was a position I was in up until the point that I realized I had to stop complaining. I had to take control of my life and take full responsibility. 

Complaining is a complete waste of one’s energy. Those who complain the most, Achieve the Least!

This would show a lot in my life, I had the worst grades and the worst results in sports. I would be the lone kid scoring one goal per season and failing most classes. It really was true that complaining the most meant  I achieved the least. 

I was also very unhappy with my life, which led my into a deep depression, luckily I realized I had to change. I succumbed to the reality and I told my father about my discontent. 

In telling my father I passed the first step which was to realize that I had gone too deep in complaining, now I had to continue onto the next step and the following steps to re-discover the happiness I had lost so long ago.

It is my greatest wish that you re-discover your happiness by applying the secrets in this post. 

I’ve never looked back since then and I’ve discovered the secrets of happiness which I am about to share with you, let’s dive in! Continue reading

How To Manage Test Stress & Anxiety And Not Lose All The Studying You Did!

I was on the bus the other day, with 2 friends from school. I was reading my book as usually when one of them turned around. She asked me “oh yes Alex um, can I ask you something?”












Sure what is it I then asked? Well, we’re really stressed about the test they said and we’re wondering what do you do so your not stressed.  

I mean most people don’t realize this but stress can help us, a lot! Feeling stressed during exam time can feel pretty normal and good AT times. It can help us to stay focused and bury ourselves in studying. For most this doesn’t really work. 

You’ve studied a lot but you’re worried that your head will become a blank sheet of paper without the answer. Stress can overwhelm you and create a barrier between you and the answer to a question on a test. 

Now I also want to talk about normal everyday stress. I truly believe success for students is not just about school success, it’s about life success. To achieve life success we must also overcome stress and turn it into an advantage.  Continue reading

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