Hi I’m Alexander Ouellet, And Welcome To The Super Student Program. Let me tell you a little bit about me:


I’m a 16-year old entrepreneur and high school student sensation.  I am a part-time worker at a company I love, I’m workout weekly, I have an online business, Media sensation having been on Live television twice and have been viewed a 100000 times, and I’m one of the youngest TEDx Speakers of all time. Here’s a little more about who I am.
I was running down the stairs, restlessly getting my stuff together before leaving for the boxing match staring Adonis Stevenson @ the videotron centre when I passed by the TV in our Living room. We had the channel on Global News and the there I was being described by the host, He’s a 16 year old entrepreneur living in Quebec….  I was on live television watching my report, it felt great a childhood dream already achieved at 16 years old, being on Live Television.
There I was in front of millions, it was only hours before when my dad was on the phone with a Quebec correspondent for global news about a potential but it came to the fact that it would the day of. I had gone to work with my dad that day, in July days before our trip to Punta Cana to work on my personal brand Super Student Program I had launched months before and gotten acclaimed success for with my videos and website.
Not so long after I stepped up to plate, walked on stage, and delivered an amazing presentation in front of people at the provincial TEDx event. It was a stressful moment but felt great delivering a message I wanted to be heard.

But It was always that way I went through 2 tough periods to be where I’m at today.

I was constantly picked on & bullied in and out of school by almost everyone around me. I was one of those kids who couldn’t concentrate and like every 21st century problem is solved, I was put on meds, meds that made me get into a depressive state and frankly wanting to die. Little did I know something big was at the root of the whole problem.
On March 18, 2011, after a series of test and my most stressful visit to the hospital, the truth was out: I knew why I had endured so much. I was one of the most seriously afflicted people by Celiac disease. A chronic and painful allergy to gluten that had slow down his growth and created much physical and mental suffering.
Entering high school with a major lack of confidence it took 2 years to plummet.
On a cold Thursday night of January 15th, 2015 It was in the basement of my house that my entire life changed forever. I finally gives in to telling my father: I hated his life and had suicidal thoughts. I gave in to telling that I didn’t want to live anymore… It had been more than a month that I had been thoughts about taking my life but I had been given a choice: open up or take my own life and cause more pain for those around me.
Questioning myself to the point where I asked himself is life worth living?


That’s all the past, the Suicidal thoughts, The national television interviews, starting my own business. I made my first hundred dollar day back in December but it was downhill after there, I wasn’t making any new money and lost my consistency soon thereafter.
I was overworking myself and stupidly decided to Get a job. I had quit, quit my dream of building an online business. It was only than that I had yet another life changing conversation.
With a close friend called Leo, who opened me up to relaxing and balancing my life. Stopping the entrepreneur burnout that got me to quit. I haven’t given up on my dream, I’m back in the pursuit of my dream.
My dream of being an internet marketer and making a difference in the lives of others. I also realized for a 16 year old, I’ve done more than what one person will do in their entire life.