6 Myths About Getting A+ Grades & Student Success

A lot of students have bad ideas or beliefs about getting good grades. In truth, it’s not just their fault either. A lot of our influences & environment has an effect on the beliefs we have around certain topics as students. 













I remember the time when a teacher told me that I needed to do this & that If I wanted to succeed. You also have to stop making excuses if you want to get better grades. Not a single student I know that has consistent 90’s (my vision) is currently making excuses about how they can’t get better grades. 

I will also talk about some student success myths that don’t necessarily speak to getting better grades but developing discipline & mindset.

This post will benefit you and convince you that good grades really are possible. Myths are meant to be busted, therefore, I will bust each of these 10 myths you currently believe to be true. Once I’ve busted these myths I want you to start studying and never look back. 

It will also show you the reality of what it’s going to take and confront your current beliefs and excuses, so get ready!

Myth #1 Only Naturally Talented Students Get Good Grades

This is the #1 belief C, D, E & F students operate on. They think that people who get good grades are just freaks and remember things on first sight.

For some, this is legitimately true but for most, it’s the hustle and hard work that matters most. 

Most A+ Students I know have to work hard & are always in remediation when it’s offered. There is the one student I know of that is ALWAYS in remediation whenever it’s offered. 

No one she’s got the good work ethic and the grades she needs to pursue a career of her dreams. 

Myth #2 The Only Thing A+ Students Do Is Study

This is something else that holds a lot of students currently getting bad grades from going for it. They feel like if they commit to getting better grades, it means that you’ll lose a lot of your friends. Only poor self-managers will have this happen to them.

If you can manage your schedule properly and be focused on the tasks at hand you can make it happen like Noah. 

Noah Sweeney a student at my school is the perfect example to prove this wrong to you. You might that the people getting good grades are loners. 

Let’s be honest with ourselves some are, but most aren’t. Most A+ Students are one’s that respect their time and manage it for time with friends, sports, relationships & personal development like Noah.

Myth #3 Oh Well, Only The Passing Matters

Back in the day, when my mom was in high school, in the 80’s maybe yes a pass in high school would be the only thing that mattered for a good job.

In our day & age, a simple degree with a bunch of C’s splashed all over it if you’re considering a 9-5 job won’t do it. Unless you’re an entrepreneur like me with massive ambitions (5% of the population) a passing degree will land you a Mcdonalds job for your life. 

Today you’ll need to impress them with a lot of volunteer work, athletic skills or art skills, and a lot of other results to impress them. You save yourself the time and just get the damn good grade. 

Nonetheless they still look at your grades first before ever deciding to consider you as a potential candidate of being a student at their college. 

Myth #4 Effort = A

You see an A+ was given to you for effort when we’re in grade 2 soccer teams and kindergarten. Life doesn’t look at you that way anymore. Get that? I mean yes I can feel some sincerity in teachers but they won’t hesitate a damn moment to fail you if that’s what you got. 

They won’t bother to look for little loops to pass you, NO! Life doesn’t work that way anymore, okay? Start actually working for the results you want. You have to put in the real hard work and hustle in order to get good grades, not HOPE that teacher will find a spot to which they can accord you a bonus mark. 

Got a problem with the mark they gave you because of all the effort you put into studying? Go see them at remediation, find out what you struggled than do the neccessary work to improve. 

I find it so annoying, frankly to see students complain about their grades and then when passing by the class at lunch & only seeing commited students that have 90’s not the ones with 60’s. 

Myth #5 The Easier Course Is Better Than The Challenging Course

You might think that going for the easier course just to get better grades is the better option but it will backlash. I’m pretty sure when applying at a college the story of the hustle about going for the challenging course will appeal to them much more. 

Given that you went for the harder course. That shows them that you will work harder. It’s also going to show you have the ethic to be the student they desire.  

Getting Comfortable with the uncomfort is key to achieving success in life in general. Not just grades. In an increasingly competitive world, being disciplined and going into the unknown is much more valuable to companies that want to innovate. 

So go to your edges and test yourself, because you can only reap 2 things from venturing into the unknown.

  • 1) lessons
  • 2) victories. 

Myth #6 Everyone Get’s Into College & University

Back in the day, this was very true. If you could pass and get through high school you would go to college.

As I said earlier in a much more competitive world just passing will not get you far in the education world. Even as a entrepreneur having a degree is a boost to your low start up credibility. 

So if your fine with low grades, fine go to the cheapest & baddest college in town but it’s not going to lead you down the life you once dreamed of. 


Alright, thanks for reading! I hope that I’ve been able to open you up to truth about succeeding in life & achieving in school! You see in school, it’s just about being talented it’s about having that work ethic to work smarter and stronger. 

I hope my opinion came through in a couple of these points because I too was once in the shoes of a struggling & failing student. 

Feel free to answer the question below if you feel this post has benefitted you.

Question: What myth is holding you back from achieving at school? 


6 Myths About Getting A+ Grades & Student Success
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