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I am a 16-year old entrepreneur and high school student sensation. I'm a part-time worker at a company I love, I workout consistently, I have an online business, and I've been on Live television twice also being viewed over a 100,000 times. I’m also one of the Youngest TEDx Speakers of all time.

I love to travel, speak to other people on stage and spread a positive message about perseverance and confidence for other adventurous teenagers like me. I help other people build their story in a positive and uplifting way so they change their life.

Welcome to my blog.


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Stefan James(Internet Millionaire)


Alex is the most inspirational 16 year old that I've ever met. In this powerful book, Alex openly and passionately shares his story of hitting rock bottom to transforming his life, now living on purpose and transforming other peoples lives. Alex is an incredible role model to not just teenagers, but also adults of all ages. I highly recommend this book!

ILONA SZABO(6x Student Council Rep)


'I have known Alex for at least 10 years. We've gone to elementary and high school together our whole lives, so i can easily say that i've seen his dark days first hand. I can even remember hearing his name being called on the PA to send him to the office...! It's no secret that he was a mischievous boy; however, those days are behind. It's awesome to see how much he has evolved as a person. I admire his desire to help others through his website, his youtube videos and now this book.



Courageous. Passionate. Driven. There are many things one can infer from Alex’s words in this book and that many of us can surely reflect upon and learn from. His conclusions are wise beyond his years. But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Alex’s work is that it all comes from his actual life experiences, learning by being the protagonist of his own trials and failure.



Succeed in school today for teens is harder than ever, especially with all the noise distractions, and complexity in the world. That’s what you need to have the right mindset, right habits, and right mentors to help you stay focused for success. In this inspiring an real-life book by friend and colleague, Alex Ouellet, gives you the super powers needed to enjoy a happy and successful academic career. A must read for students.


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